What is DMLAsearch?

DMLAsearch is a mega metasearch engine that maintains a massive index of user-generated search terms that spans dozens of independent stock photo and video collections. This enables researchers to perform simultaneous keyword queries across an enormous number of images in a fraction of a second. Use of DMLAsearch is free and does not require you to register. Contributing agencies do not pay to be included in index. It is a free benefit DMLA general membership.

Are images found via DMLAsearch free to use?

No. However, practically everything referenced by DMLAsearch is available for licensing. So, unlike other aggregate image search solutions, you don't have to worry that an image you found isn't available to legally license.

Who actually handles the transaction when licensing an image found using DMLAsearch?

You will deal directly with the agency that represents the image. DMLA does not participate in, nor receive any portion of, the transaction. We're just here to help you quickly find the right image.

What's up with the two-columns of search results?

The column on the left titled "Ranked by Total Items Found", is a list of agencies that have the most number of items that match your search term. The column on the right titled "Ranked by Relative Percentage of Collection", lists agencies by the percentage of their collection matching your search term. You may find that agencies highest ranked by relative percentage tend to specialize in that subject.

What's the coolest trick you can tell me about DMLAsearch?

Instead of simply clicking a single agency in the search results column, try Option-clicking to open the agency's website in a background tab in your browser. That way you can quickly open several different agencies each in its own tab. When done inspecting the results, Safari users can return to the tab containing DMLAsearch and press Cmd-Opt-W to close all background tabs before starting a new search. (Huge time saver!)

What kind of image licensing options are available? RF? RM? Subscription?

Licensing options vary by agency. You'll need to see what options are available when pricing the image.

Can I use DMLAsearch to find stock videos?

Yes. Just click the media type selector to the right of the search button before performing your search.

How many stock photos are referenced by DMLAsearch?

This number changes constantly. At last count, over 177 million images were referenced in the DMLAsearch index.

Can I see what stock agencies are included in the index?

Yes. Just click the Contributing Members link at the bottom of this page.

I don't see my favorite supplier in the list of contributiong members. What can be done?

Just send the name of the agency to dmlasearch@digitalmedialicensing.org and we'll see if we can get them included.